If you want to become a globally recognized facilitator with the highest standard of certification available, INIFAC is your partner of choice!


What is INIFAC?

The International Institute for Facilitation (INIFAC) is the world leader in professional facilitation certification, with the highest level of standards and competencies.  Through our certifications, partnerships and sponsorships, we advance mastery in facilitation that helps individuals, groups and organizations around the world achieve collaborative results.

What makes us different?

We know you have a choice for facilitation certifications, and here is how we are different:
  • We are NOT a membership organization – our only focus is on certifications of individual and courses, partnering with professional facilitation firms, supporting organizations promoting facilitation, and creating resources for professional facilitators.

  • Once you certify with us, we require one more certification renewal, and you are then certified for life. No annual fees, no renewal fees after the initial renewal, and no commitments. We believe in your skills and your knowledge, because you passed our certification process!

  • We have the most rigorous certification process in the world, with competencies and sub competencies that must be demonstrated in writing and in practice.
  • We make it easy – you can submit your skills on line and through a video submittal process.

Contact us at any time, we would be happy to talk about how we can collaborate to promote facilitation with you.