Certified Master Facilitator® (CMF®)

This video explains the steps required to earn your Certified Master Facilitator® (CMF®) designation from INIFAC–the highest credential in the industry!

The title Certified Master Facilitator® is a mark of excellence in facilitation. It distinguishes you as having achieved the highest certification available in the industry.

The certification process assesses you against a rigorous set of competencies. These competencies were developed based on input from over 450 facilitators and clients. The result, a certification with the distinction of quality, integrity, talent and service, is one which facilitators can aspire to and on which clients can depend.

What are the benefits of becoming a CMF®?

  • Be globally recognized for your skill in learning facilitation!
  • Receive referrals from our website to potential clients.
  • Network with a group of global peers.
  • Have access to leaders in the field of professional facilitation.
  • Obtain a discount on the INIFAC Academy.
  • Be featured on the INIFAC social media sites.

Who should become a CMF®?

This credential is for in house or external process facilitators wanting to assure their clients they are qualified in having;

  • Track record of exceptional facilitation experience
  • Ability to handle demanding group dynamics
  • Confident communication skills
  • Adaptability and flexibility to change to meet client needs
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Process facilitation skills to handle any situation

Your Journey to Certification

Your journey to certification for Certified Competent Facilitator® and Certified Skilled Facilitator® uses the same application package as for the Certified Master Facilitator®, but the requirements for certification are less stringent.