Global Sponsors

Sponsors are organizations, corporations, businesses or individuals who want to be associated with INIFAC and promote the highest level of facilitation skills and certification.  Benefits include:

  • Brand Recognition - An opportunity to build brand recognition and increase your sales.  

  • Promoting Facilitation - Help to continue INIFAC’s mission advance mastery in facilitation and help individuals, groups and, organizations around the world to achieve collaborative results.

  • Tax benefits - Your sponsorships provide tax benefits to the business.

  • Visibility - Your logo is placed on our website and event collateral.

  • Recognition - For your generosity.

  • Invitations - Complimentary invites to INIFAC events, webinars, and publications.

  • Social Media Promotion - INIFAC will follow, like, comment and share on your social media posts

  • Publication of Articles -  Sponsors can submit articles of facilitation based knowledge to INIFAC for inclusion on the website.