Partners in Facilitator Development® (PIFD®)

INIFAC PIFD Brochure 2024

Development of Internal Facilitators in Your Agency

Does your organization want to invest in training internal facilitators?  Our Partners in Facilitation Development (PIFD®) program gives you access to the training and development guided by the INIFAC competencies for qualified facilitators, and your team will have the knowledge and skills to become Certified Master Facilitators® or Certified Master Learning Facilitators®. 

Are you losing money because of ineffective meetings? Is your overall culture suffering because of lack of action?  Do you want to build a cadre of certified internal facilitators?

How do you create facilitation expertise, assess employee skills in an effort to identify gaps, and advance their competencies and professional development? You implement the Partners in Facilitation Development Program® from the International Institute for Facilitation! 

The International Institute for Facilitation (INIFAC) oversees the Certified Master Facilitator® Program – the highest professional certification available for the profession. This rigorous assessment rates facilitators across six competency areas that include 30 detailed sub-competencies. Through the Partners in Facilitator Development Program® (PIFD®), INIFAC is now offering organizations the opportunity to use the INIFAC assessment model to guide and support the development of an internal cadre of certified facilitators.  There are three steps to the process:

  1. Internal Assessment and Training to Develop Your Facilitators
  2. External Assessment by INIFAC to Certify Your Top Performers
  3. Track staff progress, performance and development

INIFAC Makes it Easy: INIFAC will provide an assessment process, personalized support, and credentials for measuring employee’s competency level in facilitation. This development program lets you confirm specific employees are capable of facilitating groups to achieve outstanding results.

  • To help you in implementing your Facilitator Development Program, you will receive Expert Assistance from a Certified Master Facilitator® who understands the mechanisms of the program and how to guide your program implementation team through the process. Depending on the licensing option you select, the assistance will include telephone support and/or on-site assistance through the phases of the implementation process.