Certified Advanced Virtual Facilitator® (CAVF®)

Certified Advanced Virtual Facilitator™

What are the benefits of becoming a CAVF®?

  • Be globally recognized for your skill in learning facilitation!
  • Receive referrals from our website to potential clients.
  • Network with a group of global peers.
  • Have access to leaders in the field of professional facilitation.
  • Obtain a discount on the INIFAC Academy.
  • Be featured on the INIFAC social media sites.

Who should become a CAVF®?

This credential is for professional facilitators who focus on virtual or hybrid meetings and wants to distinguish themselves through meeting a set of rigorous standards and competencies.

The Certified Advanced Virtual Facilitator® is part of INIFAC’s focus to ‘maintain and advance certification for facilitators at the highest level’. This basic certification level supports a facilitator who wants to proceed with their professional development and is a stepping stone to becoming a Certified Master Facilitator®.

Individuals who have attained the Certified Advanced Virtual Facilitator® may apply for the Certified Master Facilitator® when they feel they can meet and qualify for the criteria of this highest level of certification.

Your Journey to Certification

The assessment process for a CAVF® is the same process as that of a CLF®, CCF® and CSF®, and will bring you one step closer to becoming a Certified Master Facilitator® with INIFAC.