Certified Learning Facilitator® (CLF®)

Certified Learning Facilitator™

Are you an educator or trainer by profession?

Do you help groups reach their desired outcomes using facilitative skills such as communication, knowledge of group process, group processes and dynamics, and adapting to meet the needs of each group?  Then you should become a Certified Learning Facilitator® with INIFAC!

A CLF® is a professional trainer and educator who uses facilitation skills to transfer content knowledge, current theories, and research. This includes knowledge of group processes, group dynamics, and adapting to the group’s needs. 

What are the benefits of becoming a CLF®?

  • Be globally recognized for your skill in learning facilitation!
  • Receive referrals from our website to potential clients.
  • Obtain a discount on the INIFAC Academy.
  • Be featured on the INIFAC social media sites.

A CLF® certification will prove that you are among the best in the world at learning facilitation skills and knowledge.  The INIFAC CLF® designation is a mark of excellence in the field of learning facilitation.  To achieve this certification, you will be assessed against a rigorous set of standards and competencies that have been peer-reviewed by recognized industry leaders.  With our globally recognized certification standards, your certification will assure your clients that you can transfer content knowledge, current theories and research into actionable results to achieve the desire outcomes.

Who should become a CLF®?

The Certified Learning Facilitator® – is part of INIFAC’s focus to ‘maintain and advance certification for facilitators at the highest level’. This basic certification level supports a facilitator who intends to proceed with their professional development and is a stepping stone to becoming a Certified Master Learning Facilitator®.

Individuals who have attained the Certified Learning Facilitator® may apply for the Certified Master Learning Facilitator® when they feel they can meet and qualify for the criteria of this highest level of certification.

Your Journey to Certification

Your journey to certification for Certified Learning Facilitator® uses the same application package as for the Certified Master Learning Facilitator®, but the requirements for certification are less stringent.