Certified Virtual Facilitator® (CVF®)

Certified Virtual Facilitator®

Want to set yourself apart in the world of virtual facilitation?  Obtaining the CVF® from INIFAC confirms you know how to conduct and participate in virtual meetings effectively and professionally.

The INIFAC Certified Virtual Facilitator® credential focuses on the facilitator’s experience in using virtual platforms while facilitating meetings. The assessment is 30 minutes.

What are the benefits of becoming a CVF®?

  • Be globally recognized for your skill in learning facilitation!
  • Be featured on the INIFAC social media sites.

Who should become a CVF®?

This credential is for anyone who leads virtual meetings and wants to distinguish themselves as someone who has completed a quantifiable performance review by a trained virtual facilitation assessor.

Your Journey to Certification

The assessment process for a CVF® is a 30 minute assessment on a virtual platform of your choice. Once you apply, we will contact you to set a time that works best for you and share the details of the process with you. We encourage you to consider the Certified Advanced Virtual Facilitator® process if you have advanced skills and knowledge and want to set yourself apart from other virtual facilitators.